CON ALTURA unapologetically celebrates artists of color. We take a worldwide perspective while sharing the voices of contemporary artists who are working with social justice issues and are actively shaping the way we see ourselves and each other.

With a focus on the Latinx community, now amounting to over 62.1 million people in the United States, CON ALTURA aims to celebrate artists in this space by sharing a larger narrative that embraces the power of our diversity. The inaugural presentation will feature the Colombian-American artist, Natalia Arbelaez, and include a signed open edition of two red clay sculptures, "Yuraq" and "Quri"; a recent interview with the artist on the occasion of our collaboration, and a behind the scenes image of the artist's studio.

We hope you will join us every month as we share a new artist and why we believe it's important to have their work in your collection. No matter where you are, we hope to provide you with an experience that not only challenges and inspires you, but also brings you closer to the artist’s studio and embraces the value of their practice in a turbulent world.    

—Steve Rivera